November 17, 2019

Illinois Corn Harvest

I enjoyed a first hand view of the harvest here in Central Illinois this past October.

A FarmPolicy reader who operates a grain and soybean operation right in the heart of the “Land of Lincoln,” between Springfield and Lincoln, graciously hosted me for an afternoon combine ride and discussion about the harvest, corn genetics, conservation and the direction of U.S. farm policy.


“Harvesting Cash” Continues

I. “Harvesting Cash” Continues
II. Ethanol
III. Food Safety

I. “Harvesting Cash” Continues

Washington Post reporters Dan Morgan, Sarah Cohen and Gilbert M. Gaul provided another update in the ongoing “Harvesting Cash” series in today’s paper (“Powerful Interests Ally to Restructure Agriculture Subsidies”).

“There may be no better sign of the changing debate over the nation’s farm subsidies: A Midwestern governor running for president calls for cuts in a system that has steered hundreds of millions of dollars a year to his state,” the Post said.

“‘I didn’t get much of a reaction from farmers,’ said Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (D), ‘because deep down most of them know the system needs to be changed.’

“Politicians such as Vilsack have joined a host of interest groups from across the political spectrum that are pressing for changes in government assistance to agriculture. They want the money moved from large farmers to conservation, nutrition, rural development and energy research. Vilsack, for example, favors programs that improve environmental practices on farms.”