November 17, 2019

Appropriations Bill & Budget Process: Central Issues in the '07 Farm Bill Debate

Categories: Budget /Farm Bill

I. Appropriations & Budget
II. Farm Bill Environment
III. Farm Policy Ideas

I. Appropriations & Budget

Recall that a Congressional Research Service Report published earlier this month (“Agricultural Issues in the 110th Congress,” by Ralph M. Chite) noted that, “A number of issues of interest to U.S. agriculture are expected to be addressed by the 110th Congress. At the top of the agenda, Congress will be considering the unfinished business of FY2007 funding levels for U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs and activities in the annual agriculture appropriations bill.”

The C.R.S. report added that, “These funding decisions for FY2007 might intersect with congressional consideration of the FY2008 budget and appropriations, which begins shortly after the release of the Administration’s budget request in early February 2007. Of interest to agriculture is the FY2008 budget resolution, whereby Congress will establish a blueprint for all federal spending over a multi-year period, which could set the fiscal parameters of the next omnibus farm bill, to be debated in 2007.”