November 13, 2019

Farm Bill Pressure Points

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I. Farm Bill Pressure Points
II. Ethanol- “This is Not a Bubble…”
III. Farmer / Environmental Alliance

I. Farm Bill Pressure Points

Dow Jones writer Bill Tomson reported yesterday that, “The Bush administration says major reform is needed for government farm subsidies, setting the stage for confrontation with those seeking to prolong the status quo when Congress gets to work in 2007 to craft the next multi-year farm bill.

“Issues such as federal investment to support the expansion of corn and other bio-based ethanol production and increase conservation programs, on the other hand, are widely agreed on.

“There is just too much international pressure to reform, U.S. Department of Agriculture officials say, to leave in place subsidies that may violate World Trade Organization rules.

“But groups such as the American Farm Bureau Federation [A.F.B.F.] say if WTO members want to take more legal action, bring it on.”