December 9, 2019

Farm Subsidies: Focus on Africa, Rice and Cotton

Categories: Doha / Trade

Additional news regarding farm subsidies and agricultural trade is now available at the German Marshall Fund’s Trade & Development wepbage.

Today’s update, “Farm Subsidies: Focus on Africa, Rice and Cotton,” can be viewed by clicking here.

Photo by Juliane Von Reppert-Bismarck, The Wall Street Journal.


Food Safety

I. Food Safety
II. Water Runoff
III. Ag Lending
IV. Disaster Aid
V. Livestock Report

I. Food Safety

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar reported in Monday’s Los Angeles Times that, “Recurring outbreaks of food-borne illness from contaminated produce are ‘unacceptable’ in today’s society, the government says. But when it comes to preventing new occurrences, the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t done much of the basic research that would let it write regulations to fix the problem.

“Six years after the FDA first issued general guidance to the produce industry on how it might prevent contamination from microbes such as E. coli 0157:H7, experts say federal regulators still can’t answer key questions.

Associated Press Photo

“For example, does water used for irrigating crops have to be clean enough for people to drink? And since cow manure is a common source of E. coli, how far from a cow pasture does a spinach patch have to be? Across the road? A quarter-mile away? A mile?