December 9, 2019

Commodity Prices, Production Decisions and the ’07 Farm Bill

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I. Commodity Prices
II. China
III. Obesity

I. Commodity Prices

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (N.A.S.S.) released the December Agricultural Prices report.

New York Times Photo

The N.A.S.S. report indicated that, “The preliminary All Farm Products Index of Prices Received by Farmers in December, at 121 percent, based on 1990-92=100, increased 1 point (0.8 percent) from November. The Crop Index is up 6 points (4.9 percent) but the Livestock Index decreased 3 points (2.6 percent). Producers received higher commodity prices for lettuce, corn, grapes, and broccoli. Lower prices were received for turkeys, cattle, hogs, and tomatoes.”

More specifically, N.A.S.S. estimated that, “The December all wheat price, at $4.59 per bushel, is unchanged from November but $1.06 above December 2005…The corn price, at $3.01 per bushel, is up 14 cents from last month and $1.09 above December 2005…The soybean price, at $6.14 per bushel, increased 7 cents from November and is 36 cents above December 2005.”