January 22, 2020

Food Safety

I. Food Safety
II. Farm Bill Issues
III. Rural America

I. Food Safety

Yesterday, National Public Radio aired a segment on food safety by Ben Adler from K.A.Z.U. radio, entitled, “California Growers Look at Crop Safety.”

The report noted that, “Following a series of E. coli outbreaks, produce growers in California are working with scientists and state officials to create new safety guidelines. Growers are hoping the new rules will calm fears about the safety of their crops and revitalize the industry.”

Photo by U.S.D.A.

More specifically, Mr. Adler indicated that scientists are still trying to find out all of the ways E. coli and other dangerous bacteria get into produce. Linda Harris from the University of California at Davis stated that, “Ten years ago we weren’t even talking about good agriculture practices for fruits and vegetables, they weren’t even on the radar screen.”

Federal and state government officials and major supermarket chains are insisting that farmers come up with uniform, verifiable, food safety guidelines and this is putting pressure on farmers in California’s Salinas Valley, the “salad bowl of America,” the report said.