January 22, 2020

Editorials- Bi-laterals & Regional FTAs Inadequate Substitute for Multilateral Deal

Categories: Doha / Trade /Farm Bill

Additional news regarding farm policy and the Doha Round of W.T.O. trade talks has been posted at the German Marshall Fund’s Trade & Development webpage. For complete details, just click here.


Budget Issue: Proposed Cuts in Farm Programs Expected

I. Budget, Market Prices
II. Subsidy Payment Note
III. Food Issues
IV. Doha and Trade

I. Budget, Market Prices

Bloomberg writers Roger Runningen and Michael McKee reported yesterday that, “President George W. Bush plans to send Congress a ‘constrained’ fiscal 2008 budget of about $2.9 trillion that would cut some domestic programs, including farm subsidies, his budget director said.”

The article added that, “The president sends his 2008 budget proposal to Congress on Feb. 5, and the figure would represent an increase of roughly 4.5 percent over the $2.77 trillion in spending plan he submitted last year,” and indicated that, “Portman said the administration would seek cuts in some spending areas, specifically naming ‘the farm programs.’”