January 22, 2020

Doha: Down But Not Out

I. Doha
II. Budget Issues
III. Farm Bill Issues
IV. Canada Corn Action
V. Senate Hearing

I. Doha

Renewable energy issues, increased production of corn-based ethanol plants and the higher market price of some program crops, such as corn, have garnered more attention in the 2007 Farm Bill debate over the past three months.

Some Suggest Congress Should Play a Larger Role in the Doha Talks

The possibility of a new price plateau for a key program crops like corn and the resulting implications for subsidy payments, safety net provisions and rural development issues will likely be a leading factor in the Farm Bill debate.

Simultaneous to the unexpected change in commodity market dynamics, has been the suspension and resulting stagnation in the Doha Round of W.T.O. trade negotiations. Not long ago, the Doha talks were viewed as one of the most significant features of the upcoming farm policy debate.

Despite this issue reprioritization, recent developments suggest that the Doha talks could yet resuscitate and could potentially impact the debate over trade promotion authority and may still play a meaningful role in the formulation of next Farm Bill.