January 22, 2020

FT: Doha Analysis

I. Doha
II. Canadian Corn Case
III. Farm Bill: News and Perspectives
IV. Cold Weather Harms Crops

I. Doha

Eoin Callan, writing in today’s Financial Times, reported that, “George W. Bush left US and European Union trade negotiators in no doubt about what he expected when they met to discuss the deadlock over the Doha round of the world trade talks.

“A US diplomat said of last week’s Oval Office meeting: ‘He [Mr Bush] was staring Peter Mandelson in the eye and his own trade representative in the eye and saying: ‘Get this done.’ That kind of face-to-face with the president doesn’t happen very often.’

“Following her president’s instructions, Susan Schwab returned to the negotiating table with Pascal Lamy, World Trade Organisation director-general, who called a halt to the Doha round last year amid a stalemate over agricultural policy.”

Drip irrigation creates icicle coverings in effort to insulate oranges against an unusual cold snap (The New York Times).

After a note about the Democratic majorities’ perspective on trade in the new Congress, the FT article pointed out that, “The party is wary, however, of prematurely committing members of Congress from rural states to a package likely to be unpopular with the powerful agricultural lobby.”