January 22, 2020

D.D.A. at Davos- More Background

Categories: Doha / Trade

Additional news regarding the Doha round of W.T.O. trade talks has been posted at the German Marshall Fund’s Trade & Development webpage, for complete details, just click here.


Doha Talks

I. Doha
II. Ethanol

I. Doha

Alan Beattie reported in yesterday’s Financial Times that, “The Doha round of trade talks juddered back to life over the weekend, with leading countries expressing enthusiasm for clinching a deal but giving few details about how it would work.

“Meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, about 30 ministers instructed their officials to step up talks to reach a framework deal, especially on agriculture.”

As this graph from The Wall Street Journal indicates, corn prices are increasing rapidly.

The FT article also noted that, “The revival of the round after its suspension last July follows a series of bilateral talks that included the European Union, the United States and large emerging market countries such as Brazil. Negotiating committees of officials at the World Trade Organisation in Geneva will reconvene at a senior level, although the talks agreed it would be premature to call a full meeting of ministers from the WTO’s 150 member countries.”