February 22, 2020

Cool International Reception to U.S.D.A.’s Latest Farm Policy Proposals

Categories: Doha / Trade /EU /Farm Bill

Greg Hitt reported in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal that, “The Bush administration proposed to make U.S. farm programs more market-oriented, unveiling a package of changes that could give new momentum to the stalled Doha Round of global trade talks, but may face big hurdles on Capitol Hill.”

Mr. Hitt stated that, “U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab said ‘the Doha Round is not going to write the farm bill.’ Ms. Schwab, who has been shuttling around Europe trying to revive the talks, said the changes outlined yesterday should send ‘a signal to our trading partners that we care about farm reforms.’”

After unveiling the administration’s 2007 Farm Bill proposals on Wednesday, Secretary Johanns has been “reporting back” to producers on how the executive branch hopes to change some aspects of U.S. farm policy.

Also yesterday, Washington Post writers Dan Morgan and Gilbert M. Gaul reported that, “Debate on the new legislation comes at a time of major changes in agriculture. Booming demand from new ethanol plants has pushed corn prices to near-record levels. At the same time, U.S. trade partners are threatening retaliation unless the United States curbs crop subsidies that are said to promote overproduction here and low prices for farmers abroad.”