February 22, 2020

Trade Promotion Authority

I. Trade
II. Agricultural Economy

I. Trade

Associated Press writer Martin Crutsinger reported yesterday that, “President Bush’s top trade negotiator said Monday that quiet talks are under way with congressional Democrats seeking to bridge differences on labor and environmental standards in trade deals.

“U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab said she was ‘hopeful and confident that Congress will quickly answer’ the call Bush made last week for a renewal of trade promotion authority, which is set to expire on July 1.

“This authority, also known as fast track, allows the president to negotiate trade agreements that must be considered by Congress on an expedited basis that bars any amendments.

“Schwab, who spoke to a coalition of business and farm groups lobbying for renewal of fast-track authority, said that the administration was having a ‘quiet conversation with Democrats on the Hill on labor and the environment. These talks are ongoing and I am hoping we will be able to bridge the gap.’”