February 27, 2020

After French Elections, Farm Issues Identified By Chirac May Wane

I. Doha – France
II. Farm Bill Issues

I. Doha – France

Reuters news reported earlier this week that, “European Union industry ministers on Monday urged key partners in the stalled Doha trade talks to explore ways to conclude the negotiations successfully, though France vetoed setting a 2007 target for such an outcome.

“The ministers agreed the possibilities for a ‘constructive compromise’ should be explored and called on key partners to ‘act in the same spirit of constructive commitment in order to conclude the negotiations in a successful way,’ EU sources said.”

Late last week, French President Jacques Chirac spoke out with very sharp words regarding U.S. farm subsidies and spoke specifically against federal cotton subsidies, which he identified as “scandalous” and “immoral.”

The article added that, “France, however, rejected adding ‘as soon as possible in 2007’ to the conclusions of Monday’s meeting, EU sources said.”

The Reuter’s piece also reminded readers that, “France, the staunchest defender of EU farm subsidies, has repeatedly warned [EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson] against going too far in the negotiations.”