September 19, 2019

House Ag Committee, Two Bills

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The editorial board at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer stated on Friday that, “Shut up, keep paying and eat that junky food our richest farmers produce for you. That’s pretty much the message for residents of the Northwest from a powerful block in the U.S. House of Representatives…Some key farm state politicians are digging in their heels against reforms that would provide healthier foods, end unfair subsidies and provide help for huge numbers of farmers who want to grow their crops in ways that are better for the environment. A House Agriculture subcommittee recently voted 18-0 to maintain $10 billion in subsidies for producers of corn, soybean and a few other crops when Congress renews the Farm Bill, possibly later this year.”

I. Farm Bill
II. Doha / Trade

I. Farm Bill

Congressional Quarterly writer Catharine Richert reported on Friday that, “Conservation and fruit and vegetable programs would receive a funding boost under a new version of the farm bill unveiled Friday by House Agriculture Chairman Collin C. Peterson.

“The funding increase is part of one version of the farm bill that the Minnesota Democrat said he will bring to the full committee July 17. During that markup, members also will vote on a second bill that would add another $17.5 billion in spending authority. The extra money would be drawn from a reserve fund created under the fiscal 2008 budget resolution, but it could be spent only if offset with cuts elsewhere. For now, no offsets are included.

“Peterson hopes that debating the two versions of the legislation will help panel members move past some of the budgetary and policy disputes that strained subcommittee deliberations on the various pieces of the bill.”