September 19, 2019

Farm Bill Debate

Dow Jones writer Grace Fan reported yesterday that, “Brazil is planning to join Canada in a complaint lodged at the World Trade Organization against unfair U.S. agricultural subsidies, a Brazilian Foreign Ministry spokesman told Dow Jones Newswires on Tuesday…The Foreign Ministry will release a statement tomorrow, but I can confirm that Brazil will ask for more information from the U.S. on these subsidies as a co-author with Canada,’ said the spokesman in a telephone interview…A few weeks ago, Canada formally asked the WTO to establish a dispute settlement panel, charging that the U.S. had breached WTO commitments by surpassing a $19.1 billion WTO spending limit in six out of the past eight years.”

I. Farm Bill
II. Doha / Trade

I. Farm Bill

Chris Clayton, writing yesterday at DTN (link requires subscription), reported that, “There are growing rumblings as members of Congress who don’t want to risk seeing a farm bill full of reform argue there isn’t enough time to debate a farm bill on the floor of the U.S. Senate this year, Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., said Monday.

“The Senate is piling up critical issues to debate, most of which tie back to the Iraq war. Such a full plate of issues would spark at least some lawmakers to avoid an arduous debate on farm policy by pushing an extension of the current programs, Lugar said in an interview Monday.

“‘I see some inklings that this is where we are headed,’ he said.”