September 18, 2019

Focus on House Farm Bill

Reuters writer Missy Ryan reported yesterday that, “After talks among trading powers collapsed last month, the United States singled out a new consensus on food aid as a bright spot in an otherwise bleak negotiation threatening to derail a world trade deal.” The article stated that, “Since Johanns’ announcement, the Agriculture Department has declined to offer specifics on a food aid deal. Keith Williams, a USDA spokesman, said it would be ‘inappropriate’ to go into details of talks that did not result in an overall agreement.” The item added that, “As the Bush administration remains mum, policy watchers speculate about what a consensus may have entailed.”

I. Farm Bill
II. Doha / Trade
III. Food Safety

I. Farm Bill

San Francisco Chronicle writer Carolyn Lochhead reported on Tuesday that, “East Bay farmers in the sprawling district of Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, would get a lot more federal money if the government shifted farm spending from traditional crop subsidies to conservation, according to a report released Monday by the advocacy group Environmental Defense.

“The report is part of an orchestrated rebellion by a loosely knit insurgency of organic growers, urban lawmakers, Bay Area health advocates, California fruit and vegetable growers, Republican free-market types and environmentalists against traditional farm interests in the mammoth five-year farm bill up for renewal this year.”