September 23, 2019

Johanns Comments on the House Farm Bill

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Reuters writer Missy Ryan reported today that, “The Bush administration brushed aside a new challenge at the World Trade Organization this week, avowing its support for farm subsidies even as another country argues they violate global trade rules…Brazil launched a new challenge on Wednesday at the WTO against U.S. farm subsidies, which it believes distort trade and have stacked up to exceed WTO limits on subsidy spending…We think our programs have been WTO-compliant. We’ll stick with that,’ said Dave Salmonsen, a trade analyst at the American Farm Bureau Federation, the largest U.S. farm group.”

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I. Farm Bill

Reuters writer Christopher Doering reported yesterday that, “The farm bill, awaiting a vote in the House Agriculture Committee, does not go far enough to reform U.S. farm policy, Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said on Thursday.

“‘It’s not reform….that’s pretty straightforward,’ Johanns told reporters shortly before going to Capitol Hill to meet Collin Peterson, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee.

“The committee proposal, written at Peterson’s direction, is a slightly different version of the 2002 farm bill and unless it is revised, the ‘need for reform’ could be addressed during floor debate, said Johanns.

“‘I do think if there is no reform…it’s an invitation to try to solve the issues on the floor of the House,’ he said.”