September 18, 2019

Extension Speculation

Categories: Doha / Trade /Farm Bill

Reuters writer Laura MacInnis reported on Saturday that, “World Trade Organization (WTO) mediators will unveil proposals next week that could chart the path to Doha round success or spell the end for the pact that promised to lift millions of people out of poverty…In their papers, to be released on Monday or Tuesday, the chairmen of WTO’s agriculture and industrial goods talks are expected to propose ranges of cuts to those hotly contested subsidies and tariffs, inside which countries may be able to reach the consensus needed for a deal…Initial reactions to the papers will be critical to the future of the Doha round, which WTO director-general Pascal Lamy has been pushing to wrap up in 2007 to avoid spilling into US and Indian elections.”

I. Farm Bill
II. Trade

I. Farm Bill

DTN Political Correspondent Jerry Hagstrom reported on Friday (link requires subscription) that, “Increasing talk among Republicans on Capitol Hill about extending the current farm bill may be a plot to keep a Congress controlled by Democrats from passing a farm bill, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minn., told reporters Thursday.

“Reacting to public and private statements by Republicans that they think Congress is more likely to extend the 2002 farm bill than rewrite it, Peterson said, ‘Maybe there’s a bigger strategy. The Republicans don’t want anything [to pass] in the Congress.’”