September 19, 2019

House Ag Committee, Day One

Categories: Doha / Trade /Farm Bill

The House Ag Committee meets again today to consider the provisions of H.R. 2419, the 2007 Farm Bill. The hearing begins at 10:00 am Eastern in 1300 Longworth, and live audio and video will be available here.

Yesterday, the Committee issued a publication notice, which indicated that, “A draft copy of a Manager’s Amendment for the Farm Bill was released today. It is available online at:

The notice stated that, “The document is intended for use during the markup process and is subject to change prior to the meeting.”

Dow Jones writer Bill Tomson reported yesterday that, “Support is growing in the U.S. House of Representatives for Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson’s plan to reform U.S. farm policy after last-minute efforts to secure funding for key initiatives, he told reporters Tuesday.

“There are still farm sectors disappointed with subsidy cuts in Peterson’s 2007 farm bill proposal, and Bush administration officials continue to complain there are not enough changes to existing policy.

“But Peterson, D-Minn., said he’s not worried.”