September 23, 2019

Tax Provision Passes, Kind Amd. Fails- Final Vote Today

Categories: Doha / Trade /Farm Bill

Tax Provision

Recall that yesterday’s FarmPolicy update indicated that, “Farm-state Republicans had been lining up with Democrats to defend the bipartisan bill but changed course when notified that a proposed increase in nutrition programs would be funded partly by tightening the rules on U.S.-based foreign companies that avoid U.S. taxes by using offshore havens” (Dan Morgan. “On Eve of Vote, Farm Bill Draws Threat of a Veto.” The Washington Post. 7.26).

Likewise, DTN Political Correspondent Jerry Hagstrom and DTN Staff Reporter Chris Clayton DTN noted on Wednesday (link requires subscription) that, “The Bush administration threatened Wednesday to veto the 2007 farm bill, in part, over Democrats’ plans to pay for a $4 billion increase in the food-stamp program over five years through a tax measure Democrats said was closing a loophole, but Republicans argued was a tax increase.”