June 21, 2018

House to Senate

Categories: Ethanol /Farm Bill

Philip Brasher, writing in yesterday’s Des Moines Register reported that, “A Texas lawmaker recovering from quadruple heart bypass surgery earlier this year decided he should do something in Congress to promote heart health…Rep. Nick Lampson wound up inserting a plan in the House-passed farm bill to provide special subsidies to farmers who agree to grow new varieties of soybeans that won’t produce artery-clogging trans fats when made into cooking oil for frying and baking.”

I. Farm Bill
II. Ag Economy
III. Biofuels

I. Farm Bill

Bob Meyer of Brownfield reported on Friday that, “House Ag Committee Chair, Collin Peterson, says he is happy with the Farm Bill passed by the House. Peterson met with Senate Ag Committee Chair, Tom Harkin, on Thursday to talk about, ‘How we got to where we are.’

“There has been a concerted effort in Washington to completely reform farm policy, eliminating farm program payments and replacing them with risk management policies. The House bill continues many of the current programs and Peterson makes no apologies for that. ‘This is not a social welfare program this is a protection safety net that production agriculture needs to operate.’ The Minnesota Democrat says many times, those programs are used to help producers get operating loans and if they were eliminated we would end up, ‘Vertically integrating crop agriculture the way we’ve vertically integrated meat agriculture.’