August 17, 2019

President Bush: “We'll show flexibility when it comes to making sure this round is as successful as possible”

Associated Press writer Nate Jenkins reported yesterday that, “Ethanol producers have friendly government policies to thank for the current boom in the corn-based alternative fuel and will need more help from Washington to keep from going belly up in a few years, says a new study…Without a federally mandated increase in ethanol consumption, small plants could stop being profitable by 2011 and be operating in the red in 2013, according to the study by David Peters, an agricultural economist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.”

I. Doha
II. Farm Bill
III. Biofuels
IV. Wheat- Acreage
V. EU Update

I. Doha

Tim Colebatch, writing today at The Age Online (Australia) reported that, “The Doha Round trade talks may have one foot in the grave but the other is trying to drag its way to the finish line.

“US President George Bush yesterday hinted at a shift in the US position, while the man in charge of the talks told APEC trade ministers he was optimistic that victory was near.

“World Trade Organisation director Pascal Lamy, who is in Sydney to urge leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum to dig deep and make the concessions needed to get the round completed, told ministers that negotiators were closer to agreement than people realised, and the round could be completed within months.”