August 18, 2019

President Bush Offers “Flexibility,” But No Specifics on Doha

Categories: Doha / Trade /Farm Bill

Congressional Quarterly writer Catharine Richert reported yesterday that, “Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus says he’s working on a package of spending offsets that could add billions of dollars to the farm bill’s bottom line — but with strings attached…Aides say Baucus, D-Mont., would probably dictate exactly where the new money should be spent, including on a disaster relief fund that could cost about $5 billion according to some estimates.”

I. Doha
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I. Doha

Michael A. Fletcher reported in today’s Washington Post that, “President Bush on Friday called on Pacific Rim leaders to support efforts to expand free trade, saying that open markets are a crucial element in strengthening the ‘forces of freedom and prosperity.’

Flanked by Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard, left, and Mark Johnson, Chairman of the APEC Business Advisory Council, President George W. Bush delivers remarks Friday, Sept. 7, 2007, to the APEC Business Summit at the Sydney Opera House. President Bush told his audience, “America’s commitment to the Asia Pacific region was forged in war and sealed in peace… America is committed to the security of the Asia Pacific region, and that commitment is unshakable.” White House photo by Eric Draper (via The White House Webpage).

“Speaking to business leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum at the famed Sydney Opera House, Bush said free trade is the only route to long-term freedom and growth, despite the short-term pain it often causes in industrialized nations in terms of lost jobs and stagnant wages.”

(The full text of President Bush’s speech can be viewed here).