August 20, 2019

Farm Bill: Senate Debate Taking Shape

Reuters writer Thomas Atkins reported this morning that, “WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy on Saturday said a global trade deal was now within reach but political leaders needed to give a ‘final push’ to complete the current round of negotiations…Lamy warned that the consequences of failure could be dire, saying protectionism historically had paved the way to war, and that poor countries would feel slighted if the industrialized world continued to enjoy favor under the existing trade regime.”

I. Farm Bill
II. Payment Limits
III. Doha

I. Farm Bill

Reuters writer Charles Abbott reported yesterday that, “The new U.S. farm law should guarantee disaster aid to ranchers and growers and not meddle with the current system of crop subsidies, in the view of some Senate Agriculture Committee members, aides said on Friday.

“Those are somewhat different priorities than presented by the committee chairman, Tom Harkin, Iowa Democrat. Harkin has suggested that grain, cotton and soybean subsidies be refashioned to protect farmer revenue to a degree.

“Senators such as Democrats Max Baucus of Montana and Kent Conrad of North Dakota say an ever-ready disaster relief program must be part of farm law, rather than rely on lawmakers to approve assistance when catastrophes strike.”