August 18, 2019

Trade Issues

Philip Brasher, writing in Sunday’s Des Moines Register, reported that, “A battle could be brewing between the House and Senate on an issue that seldom gets much attention in Congress – rural development…The chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Sen. Tom Harkin, is preparing a series of rural development proposals, including funding for water and sewer improvements, venture capital and even child-care centers, that would increase federal spending by $2 billion over the next five years.”

I. Trade
II. Biofuels
III. Rural Development

I. Trade

Reuters writer Richard Pullin reported earlier this week that, “Asia-Pacific leaders said on Sunday they saw ‘real progress’ in world trade talks now underway in Geneva and pledged flexibility and the political will to forge a deal by the end of 2007.”

The article pointed out that, “U.S. President George W. Bush, who left the summit a day earlier to prepare for a key report on Iraq, said Washington was ready to be flexible and called the troubled Doha talks a ‘once-in-a-generation opportunity.’