August 17, 2019

Details Emerge in Senate Farm Bill Debate

A Reuters news article from yesterday noted that President Sarkozy also called for reforms in the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy; “Speaking at the opening of a breeding show in the western town of Rennes, Sarkozy said he would propose new aims for the bloc’s farm policy when France takes on the rotating EU presidency in the second half of 2008. ‘I want a new CAP … because I do not intend to abandon the farmers who do not want help, who do not want to live off subsidies,’ Sarkozy said.”

I. Farm Bill
II. Doha

I. Farm Bill

Reuters writer Charles Abbott reported yesterday that, “The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee unveiled a plan on Tuesday to pay for two major elements in the new U.S. farm law — disaster relief and land preservation work, which together cost as much as $10 billion.

“Chairman Max Baucus outlined a tax package that ‘will offer real support to hard-working producers’ and effectively free up money for the Agriculture Committee to use in its farm bill. The 2002 farm law expires at the end of this month.