January 23, 2020

Farm Bill Mark-Up Pushed Back

Eoin Callan reported today at the Financial Times Online that, “The leaders of Brazil, India and South Africa will have a chance next week to propel the Doha round of world trade talks forward when they meet for a tripartite summit in Pretoria, according to the chief US trade negotiator…US pressure on the three countries to declare their support for an outline agreement reflects the ambition of President George W. Bush to secure a breakthrough in the round as part of his White House legacy.”

I. Farm Bill Update / Doha
II. EU: CAP Policy Changes & Biofuels Issues

I. Farm Bill Update / Doha

Brownfield writer Dave Russell reported yesterday that, “The Senate mark-up of the Farm Bill is being pushed back once again. Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss, Ranking Member of the Senate Ag Committee tells Brownfield that the Senate mark-up of the Farm Bill won’t happen now until they return to Washington after next weeks break. The reason, the Senate Finance Committee won’t begin their mark-up until this Thursday, October 4 [note that the time of this hearing has been changed to 2:00 Eastern].

“‘We insisted that the Finance Committee go first, we’ll see what they do on Thursday and that will give us an idea of exactly how much money we’re gonna have to fund the Farm Bill,’ said Chambliss.”