January 23, 2020

Farm Bill Philosophy- Domestic Focus

Reuters news reported on Monday that, “U.S. farm groups have issued a stern warning to President George W. Bush, cautioning him against accepting a deal in world trade talks that would slash subsidies without sufficiently unlocking new markets…A dozen industry groups, including the American Farm Bureau Federation, the largest U.S. farm group, told Bush in an Oct. 5 letter that they were ‘deeply concerned’ by the state of negotiations in the World Trade Organization’s Doha round.”

I. Farm Bill Philosophy- Domestic Focus
II. Food Prices and Related Issues

I. Farm Bill Philosophy- Domestic Focus

Alan Beattie
reported yesterday at The Financial Times Online that, “The effects of the farm bill are felt well beyond the borders of the US, largely in lower prices for subsidised basic commodities such as rice, corn and cotton that might benefit consumers but undercut farmers in other countries, particularly in the developing world.

(Right, a recent USDA report noted that, “Most [ethanol] plants are beneficially placed insofar as creating jobs and income in areas that have been unable to retain their population.”)

“But the drafters of the farm bill say they are not working with the US’s international obligations – particularly those to the troubled ‘Doha round’ of global trade talks – primarily in mind.