January 23, 2020

U.S. & EU Express Concern About Doha Talks

Categories: Doha / Trade /EU /Farm Bill

Associated Press writer Bradley S. Klapper reported yesterday that, “The United States slammed Brazil, India and South Africa on Tuesday for refusing to open up their manufacturing markets in World Trade Organization talks, despite recent concessions by Washington on the sensitive topic of farm subsidies…The European Union also criticized prominent developing countries for avoiding a ‘reasonable’ compromise on slashing industrial tariffs at an important juncture in the six-year WTO round to liberalize world commerce.”

I. Doha / Development/ Trade Issues
II. Farm Bill

I. Doha / Development / Trade Issues

Financial Times writer Alan Beattie reported today that, “A coalition of developing countries has rejected big cuts in industrial goods tariffs in the troubled Doha round of trade talks, a move the US said could spell the end of the round.

“In a paper submitted during the negotiations in Geneva, a grouping including Brazil, India, South Africa and Argentina, as well as all the African members of the World Trade Organisation, said they should not be asked to make bigger tariff reductions than rich countries.

“The US and European Union said the proposal was a direct challenge to a draft text published in July by Don Stephenson, the Canadian WTO ambassador who chairs the industrial goods negotiations.”