January 23, 2020

WTO Ruling: U.S. Action on Cotton Subsidies Insufficient

Reuters news reported yesterday that, “A World Trade Organisation panel, ruling in favour of Brazil in a landmark international challenge, has found that the United States has not done enough to reform its cotton subsidies, a US official said on Monday.

“‘The panel found that the changes made by the United States were insufficient to bring the challenged measures..into conformity with US WTO obligations,’ the trade official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“News of the final compliance panel report, details of which have not yet been made public, was another coup for Brazil, whose 2002 challenge against US cotton supports at the WTO court has been a watershed, emboldening nations displeased by generous US farm supports and providing ammunition for those who would like to see affluent nations curtail the subsidies they say only impoverish farmers abroad.” (Photo from the BBC Online)