December 14, 2019

A Interview with U.S. Representative Adrian Smith (R-Neb.)

Categories: Farm Bill

On Friday afternoon (Nov. 16), I had the chance to speak with U.S. Representative Adrian Smith of Nebraska (R) about a variety of farm policy issues.

We discussed Farm Bill extension activity in the House, aspects of reform in the House version of the Farm Bill, WTO issues, biofuels, and the change in leadership at USDA.

Congressman Smith was one of just 13 freshman Republicans to be sworn into office in 2007. He now sits on the House Agriculture Committee, as well as the House Budget Committee.

Congressman Smith represents Nebraska’s Third Congressional District, one of the largest agricultural districts in the country. A district that spans some 65,000 square miles and two time zones, Nebraska’s third district is home to over 30,000 farmers and ranchers who oversee over 38 million acres of farmland.

In the U.S., the district ranks first in the value of sales of grains and oilseeds, second in total value of agricultural product sold, and first in cattle and calve inventory. In 2005, Nebraska’s third district was the largest recipient of federal farm subsidy payments.

To listen to our conversation, just click here (MP3- about nine minutes).

Keith Good

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