January 29, 2020

Doha, Farm Bill & the CAP


Yesterday, President Bush and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia held a joint press appearance at the White House.

In his opening remarks, President Bush stated that, “We spent a great deal of time talking about the economies. One thing we spent time on is talking about the benefits of trade between our two nations, and the benefits of a world that trades freely and fairly. And the Prime Minister was asking me about my views on Doha. I said it’s possible to achieve a Doha round. He, too, believes we should work to achieve a Doha round. However, I informed him that it’s — we’re willing to make serious concessions on the agricultural front, but we expect other nations to open up their markets on manufacturing, as well as services. And to this end, Prime Minister Rudd — Kevin Rudd said that he would be more than willing to help. And that’s — very grateful.” (Audio clip, MP3-0:50).

And Prime Minister Rudd stated that, “As the President has just indicated, we also spoke about the Doha Round. My own view is that if ever the global economy needs a psychological injection of some confidence in the arm, it’s now, and that can be delivered by a positive outcome on Doha. Takes more than two to tango. Takes a lot of people to tango when it comes to the Doha Round — combination of ourselves and the Cannes Group, the United States, the Europeans, Brazil, India, others. But what we have agreed, again, as strong, long-term supporters of free trade around the world, as one of the best drivers of global economic growth, is to work very closely together in the months ahead to try and get a good, positive outcome for Doha — good for our economy, good for the American economy, good for the global economy.” (Audio clip, MP3-0:56).