January 27, 2020

Senate, House Farm Bill Negotiators Reach Compromise

Categories: Farm Bill

Peter Shinn reported on Friday at Brownfield that, “He may not have liked it, but President Bush Friday morning, without comment, signed another one-week extension of the 2002 farm law through the end of next week. On Tuesday, President Bush called on Congress to pass a one-year extension of the old farm bill.”


Dan Morgan reported in today’s Washington Post that, “House and Senate negotiators reached tentative agreement yesterday on a new $290 billion, multiyear farm bill that would add about $10.4 billion for nutrition programs while continuing to channel billions of dollars to farmers, even if prices stay at current record levels.

“Key details remain to be worked out, but lawmakers said a final deal could come next week on the bill. The government would spend $10 billion more than allocated by congressional budget committees last year. The Bush administration had proposed an increase of about $5.5 billion.”