April 26, 2018

Biofuels: EU, U.S.


An AFP article from yesterday reported that, “European Union energy ministers said at an informal meeting Saturday they had been labouring for 18 months under the false impression that an EU plan to fight global warming included an obligation to develop controversial biofuels.

“What seems to be a stunning misreading on the part of policymakers in Brussels comes at a time when the image of biofuels has shifted over a matter of a months from climate saviour to climate pariah.”

The article explained that, “Documents issued by the EU describing its ambitious energy and climate plan, unveiled in January 2007, have consistently said that 10 percent of all the fuel powering vehicles would come from plants by 2020.

“A closer reading of the texts by the ministers apparently revealed otherwise.

“‘The member states realised that the Commission’s plan specifies that 10 percent of transport needs must come from renewable energy, not 10 percent from biofuels,’ Jean-Louis Borloo, the French environment and energy minister, said at the close of the three-day gathering.”