February 22, 2020

Farm Bill- “Sodsaver” Debated, Vilsack, Ag Commodity Prices, and Executive Branch Issues

Farm Bill- “Sodsaver” Debated

Thom Gabrukiewicz reported yesterday at the Argus Leader Online (South Dakota) that, “As five Midwestern governors ponder whether to participate in the federal ‘Sodsaver’ program, farmers, environmentalists and others are trying to make their case for taking part or staying out of it.

“Part of the 2008 farm bill, Sodsaver would remove crop insurance coverage for five years on native grasslands that farmers plow into crop production.

“The provision seeks to protect the Prairie Pothole National Priority Area, a sweep of land from Minnesota to Montana created during the last ice age. It includes all East River counties.

“Governors in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota and Iowa must decide whether to participate. They are being asked to make a decision by Feb. 15; so far, none has.”