February 27, 2020

Food and Commodity Prices-Market Volatility; Vilsack on the Farm Bill; Lula and Obama

Food and Commodity Prices-Market Volatility

Javier Blas, writing on Sunday at the Financial Times Online, reported that, “The world faces ‘the real risk of a food crunch’ if governments do not take immediate action to address the agricultural impact of climate change and water scarcity, according to an authoritative report out on Monday.

Chatham House, the London-based think-tank, suggests that the recent fall in food prices is only a temporary reprieve and that prices are set to resume their upward trend once the world emerges from the current downturn.

“‘There is therefore a real risk of a ‘food crunch’ at some point in the future, which would fall particularly hard on import-dependent countries and on poor people everywhere,’ the report states. ‘Food prices are poised to rise again,’ it adds.”