January 24, 2020

EU Perspective on ACRE; Doha; House Ag Committee Hearing, Farm Bill and the Census of Agriculture

Categories: Doha / Trade /EU /Farm Bill

EU Perspective on ACRE

The latest edition of the MAP newsletter (Monitoring Agri-trade Policy), a publication generated by the European Commission (EC), contained a detailed look at the new ACRE provision contained in the 2008 Farm Bill.

According to a Commission news release from yesterday, “The long-awaited 2008 US Farm Bill is the subject of the first ‘Monitoring Agri-trade Policy’ (MAP) edition of 2009. With farmers now signing up for support schemes for 2009/10, we zoom in on the new scheme known as the Average Crop Election Programme or ACRE. Because guaranteed prices under ACRE lock in the increases of the last two years, the new programme looks more attractive than the traditional suite of commodity support schemes. If there is a high take-up and if prices fall, then expenditure could increase sharply over levels seen in recent years. US agricultural policy once again appears to be increasing the trade-distorting component of its domestic support.”