January 28, 2020

Climate Change Issues; Farm Bill Issues; Peanuts; Crop Insurance Issue; and Hunger

Climate Change Issues- Background

In an update posted yesterday at The Green Fields Blog (The Des Moines Register) Philip Brasher reported that, “Sen. Charles Grassley says he doesn’t think Democrats are going to try to enact climate-change legislation this year. Grassley points to concerns aired by Democrats over their ability to get a filibuster-proof, 60-vote margin in the Senate.

“‘Maybe the talk about it (a bill) is as loud as ever, but I sense that it isn’t going to move as quickly as I thought it was, and it could go into next year,’ Grassley said on his weekly conference call with farm reporters.”

To listen to this portion of yesterday’s conference call, just click here (MP3, 1:30). Sen. Grassley’s entire briefing can be heard here, while a transcript of yesterday’s conference call can be viewed here.