January 21, 2020

Climate Change; Trade Issues; Food Prices; Crop Progress; and USDA News

Climate Change

Mark Peters reported yesterday at The Wall Street Journal Online that, “Climate czar Carol Browner said she wants Congress to establish a broad U.S. greenhouse-gas policy before global climate-change talks near the end of the year.

“Speaking at a conference Monday at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ms. Browner said she is confident Congress can move forward on a climate-change policy, citing hearings scheduled for next week on sweeping legislation proposed by Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Calif.) and Rep. Ed Markey (D., Mass). Ms. Browner didn’t provide a timetable for when she would like to see congressional action, but said advancing climate-change legislation is ‘absolutely essential’ to what the U.S. can accomplish during United Nations negotiations scheduled for December in Copenhagen.”