January 21, 2020

EPA Proposed Rule: Indirect Land Use- Peer Reviewed; Climate Change; Organic Funding; and the Rural Economy

EPA Proposed Rule- Indirect Land Use- Peer Reviewed

Matthew L. Wald reported in today’s New York Times that, “The Obama administration on Tuesday proposed rules to limit emissions of climate-changing gases [complete details available here] from the manufacture of ethanol, a step that would probably curtail the expansion of corn ethanol production.

In its first major policy steps on ethanol, the administration said it would help producers of biofuels who could not get credit to refinance their operations, and assist them in selling their products through a growing network of retail fuel distributors and by encouraging the manufacture of vehicles to burn it.

It said it was forming a biofuels working group made up of the agriculture and energy departments and the Environmental Protection Agency to coordinate federal actions. A goal of the group is to quickly dispense money allocated in the federal stimulus package and two previous energy bills.”