February 18, 2020

Global Food Security; Climate Change; Biofuels; and Animal Agriculture

Global Food Security

Bloomberg writer Alan Bjerga reported yesterday that, “Global agricultural production must rise to curb surges in grain prices, even as the world financial crisis temporarily reduces demand, executives from Deere & Co., Bunge Ltd. and Syngenta AG said.

“Corn, wheat, rice and soybeans, which rose to records in 2008, may climb again after larger crops and lower demand pushed prices down, the executives said today at the World Agricultural Forum in St. Louis. Output will need to double by 2050 even as climate change, soil degradation and scarcity of arable land reduce it by 25 percent, the United Nations said in February.

“‘We need to grow more from less’ as the world’s population rises and the amount of farmland declines, David Morgan, the president of Syngenta Seeds Inc., said at the biennial conference, which brings together corporate executives, government agriculture ministers and nongovernmental organizations to discuss sustainable methods of boosting food production.”