January 23, 2020

Climate Change; Biofuels (Indirect Land Use); EPA Pesticide Case; Ag Economy; Animal Agriculture; Doha; Food Safety; and Peanuts

Climate Change: Chairman Peterson Discusses Waxman-Markey on AgriTalk

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) appeared on yesterday’s AgriTalk Radio Program with Mike Adams– a key part of their discussion focused on details associated with the Waxman-Markey climate legislation, which the House Ag Committee will review in a hearing scheduled for Thursday.

To listen to this portion of the discussion from yesterday’s show, just click here (MP3-11:00).

In part, Chairman Peterson indicated that, “We are continuing to have discussions right at the moment with the Energy and Commerce Committee staff about the areas that we have problems with. We have made a little bit of progress- I think the next meeting is tomorrow morning- but we are not anywhere close at this point to having this resolved and I am not sure if we are going to be able to resolve it because there is a lot of ideology that has been woven into this thing. And one of the biggest problems I have is that we are mixing up energy independence and climate change- kind of in the same bailiwick. That is kind of a dangerous combination because they are trying to bring in this idea that some how or another we are some how responsible for what is going on in the rain forests in Brazil and Indonesia and other places. I have been to Brazil enough to know that that is not the case.”

And near the end of Chairman Peterson’s appearance yesterday on AgriTalk he reiterated his concerns about having the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) involved in some aspects of Waxman-Markey that pertain to agriculture- to listen to this clip, just click here (MP3-35 seconds).