January 26, 2020

Climate Change; Production- Food Costs and Global Food Security; Ag Sector Issues

As negotiations over the Waxman-Markey bill continue, recent news reports indicate that concerns from agricultural and rural stakeholders regarding the bill persist.

Farm Payments, Carbon Sequestration

Reuters writer Charles Abbott reported on Friday that, “The climate change law being written in Congress is unlikely to pay directly U.S. farmers if they alter their operations to control greenhouse gases, said the House Energy Committee chairman on Friday.

“Energy chairman Henry Waxman, the lead sponsor of the climate bill, also told reporters it was dubious if a new land stewardship program would be created with the goal of locking carbon in the soil.

Waxman commented after meeting four dozen farm-group leaders for 90 minutes. He said the meeting underlined distrust in farm country of the Environmental Protection Agency, which would have a major role in climate programs. Urban lawmakers are skeptical the Agriculture Department has the expertise to oversee carbon offset programs.”