May 21, 2018

Climate Change; Executive Branch Rural Tour; HSUS; and the Acreage Report

Climate Change: House Reflections, Politics and Senate Action

After the House of Representatives narrowly passed climate legislation on Friday, news articles continue to examine issues associated with the bill’s advancement.

John M. Broder reported in today’s New York Times that, “As the most ambitious energy and climate-change legislation ever introduced in Congress made its way to a floor vote last Friday, it grew fat with compromises, carve-outs, concessions and out-and-out gifts intended to win the votes of wavering lawmakers and the support of powerful industries.

“The deal making continued right up until the final minutes, with the bill’s co-author Representative Henry A. Waxman, Democrat of California, doling out billions of dollars in promises on the House floor to secure the final votes needed for passage.

“The bill was freighted with hundreds of pages of special-interest favors, even as environmentalists lamented that its greenhouse-gas reduction targets had been whittled down.”