May 21, 2018

G-8 (Food Aid, Trade); Climate Bill; CFTC Issues; ACRE; and Animal Agriculture

G-8: Food Aid

Peter Baker and Rachel Donadio reported in Saturday’s New York Times that, “President Obama told African countries on Friday that the legacy of colonialism was not an excuse for failing to build prosperous, democratic societies even as he leaned on the world’s richest nations to come up with billions of dollars more to feed the hungry.

“Just hours before he arrived here to begin his first trip as president to sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Obama made a personal appeal to other leaders of the Group of 8 powers meeting in L’Aquila, Italy, for larger donations to the aid effort, citing his own family’s experiences in Kenya. As a result, the initiative grew from $15 billion over three years, which was pledged coming into the summit meeting, to $20 billion.”