January 20, 2020

Climate Legislation; Agricultural Economy; Animal Agriculture; and Ag Spending

Climate Legislation

Steven Mufson and David A. Fahrenthold reported in today’s Washington Post that, “The body of the [climate change] bill hasn’t been written [in the Senate], and the health-care debate is still taking up most of Washington’s oxygen.

“But after the House climate bill proved fertile ground for Washington’s lobbyist corps — it ballooned to 1,427 pages, stuffed with compromises that benefited industries from corn to coal — a similar effort has begun to influence the Senate, where congressional aides will spend the summer recess drafting legislation.

“For now, Democratic leaders say they’d like to write a bill that sets some environmental bars higher than the House version. But the Senate’s political math makes that look doubtful. In the House vote, the majority of congressional delegations in 27 states voted against the climate bill. With the House’s proportional representation, the bill still passed, but pulling ‘yea’ votes from enough of those states in the Senate could mean watering down some environmental provisions.”