January 20, 2020

Climate Legislation; Biofuels, Mexican Trade Issue- Update; Ag Concentration Issue; and the Farm Bill

Climate Legislation

Darren Samuelsohn reported on Friday at The New York Times Online (ClimateWire) that, “Two powerful Senate panels are at odds over which will be the lead author on perhaps the most critical piece of the global warming bill.

“Both the Environment and Public Works Committee and the Finance Committee are staking claim to the distribution of what is projected to be hundreds of billions of dollars in emission allowances for a range of industries, adding another layer of complexity to a legislative debate already rife with trap doors.

“For now, the leaders of the two committees are playing nice — at least publicly. They say they will work together on the legislation, and any disputes ultimately will get decided by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).”