August 18, 2019

Climate Legislation; Dairy-Animal Agriculture; Crop Insurance; Doha; and Sen. Johanns Discusses the Ag Economy

Climate Legislation

Ken Anderson reported yesterday at Brownfield that, “About 300 people gathered at a farm near Bath, South Dakota Monday to hear Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack discuss efforts by the Obama administration to rebuild and revitalize rural America. It was the latest stop on the administration’s ‘Rural Tour’ of all 50 states and climate change was once again one of the main topics of discussion.

Increased energy costs are one of the chief concerns that ag groups have with climate change legislation being considered in Congress. In fact, USDA’s own studies indicate energy prices would increase under the plans being considered. But Vilsack told the South Dakota gathering that he’s confident farmers would be able to adapt by cutting their energy use and adopting new energy technologies. In his words ‘farmers are great at that.’ And Vilsack says the upside of the legislation would be the opportunity for farmers to qualify for offsets.”