May 22, 2018

Food Security; Ag Spending Bill (Dairy, Nutrition); Climate Issues; Crop Insurance; and Soybeans

Food Security

Bloomberg writer Rudy Ruitenberg reported yesterday that, “Farming in developing countries needs $83 billion of investment a year if there is to be enough food to feed the world in 2050, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization said.

Agricultural investment needs to rise by about 50 percent as the global population increases to 9.1 billion people from 6.8 billion now, according to a discussion paper for an FAO meeting in Rome on food security next week.

“About $20 billion a year would have to be invested in crop production and $13 billion in livestock operations, according to the UN agency. Mechanization would be the biggest single investment area, followed by expansion and irrigation.”

The article noted that, “Food production will have to rise 70 percent in the next four decades to feed the world in 2050, according to the FAO.”