January 26, 2020

Climate Issues; Biofuels; Food Security; and Crop Insurance

Categories: Climate Change

Climate Issues: U.S. Officials at Copenhagen- EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

Washington Post writer Juliet Eilperin, who reported yesterday at the paper’s Post Carbon Blog from the UN conference on climate change in Copenhagen, indicated that, “The United States has been ‘fighting to make up for lost time’ in the fight against global warming since President Obama took office, Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa P. Jackson said Wednesday.

“In the Obama administration’s keynote speech at the U.N.-sponsored climate talks here [transcript], Jackson said more progress has been made in the last 11 months than what ‘happened in the last eight years prior’ under former president George W. Bush.”

Ms. Eilperin indicated that, “But Jackson’s biggest applause line came when we said she was ‘proud’ of the EPA’s declaration Monday that greenhouse gases endanger public health and welfare. ‘That is a decision that has been a long time coming,’ she said to a packed crowd in the U.S. Pavillion.”